Anjney Midha
November 19, 2019

Welcome to

Two weeks ago, after months of Early Access, we opened the public gates to Many of our launch dreams came true - the technology is resonating with 3D Artists, people around the world are sharing their favorite spaces in 3D, we got some great press & even made the front page of the Internet.
With such a great launch, we also received many great questions and valid concerns raised by our new users about privacy and data collection.

“This technology is CrAzY. HOW is this POSSIBLE? WHO are these people?”

We’ve heard your feedback and want to make sure our approach to privacy is as transparent as possible. We also want to provide clear context on who we are, what we’ve created, and our mission behind

In response to this early feedback, we’ve already released an update that directly addresses many of the concerns around profile creation, including removal of mandatory photo, mandatory First & Last name, and email sign up. It’s important that you have choices and are able to control your data. We want to continue to implement changes, and clarify exactly what kind of data we need for the app to work, why we capture data, and how our creators control their data. Read on for more:

What Data is shared with Ubiquity6?

Data shared at Sign Up - is a community of creators and explorers, which means users need to create a profile before they can interact with others in the community.

When signing up, we ask users for:

  • Birthday: To verify users meet the minimum age requirement to sign up (you must be 13 and over).
  • Phone Number or Email: To allow you to login, access and manage your creations from any device. We are working on many more login and authentication options.
  • Your Username: This is the unique username that your account will be tied to, and will also be searchable by others in the community.
  • Your Photo: This is a picture of you tied to your profile in This is now optional.

The information that will be included in your profile and which is visible to other users by default includes your photo, name, and username.  We do not have a “private” profile option at this time.

Data shared when Capturing - lets you create 3D environments by uploading 2D images via video that our cloud server turns into shared 3D spaces.

  • Location: GPS and location permissions are optional. We ask for permission before your GPS location is captured. GPS data helps us better align 2D images in the 3D processing pipeline. You are in control of your POI tied to your capture and selecting a GPS pin is not required for publishing.
  • Video: We build each capture from selected frames of a video you record when capturing a space. The video is then archived to allow future improvements in 3D processing to apply to past captures.
  • AR sensor data: We add real world scale and size to your 3D captures with help from the ARKit and ARCore measurements from your device through Augmented Reality (AR) sensors. These readings estimate the distance and acceleration of your spatial movements while capturing the world.

Publicly Shared Data

You are in control of what you share with other users on the App.

There are 3 Steps to sharing a capture:

  1. Upload
  2. Processing
  3. Publish

When you take a capture, the first step is for it to Upload. This is uploading your capture to our server, and it is still Private.

Once uploaded, your Capture will begin Processing. This is when our servers connect the AR sensor data and the images pulled from the video and create the 3d model. This does not mean your capture will be shared publicly yet, or tied to a location. Your unpublished captures are private, and can still be shared or exported as a 3D mesh.
After your video has finished Processing, you will have the option to Publish your capture.

Captures become public to other users only when you select ‘Publish’ after the upload & processing stages. Once published, you can always go back and delete a capture, make edits to the title or mesh, remove the location, or make any other updates at any time to a published capture & it will re-publish. You can publish your captures as Personal to make them only visible to you or via the ‘share’ link to that capture.

Following - this adds users into your ‘following’ feed. Users who are not following you can still view your profile and published posts, via direct link, search, or location. We do not have a ‘private’ profile option at this time.

Who owns my captures?

The captures (your video + AR sensor data) we package together are owned by you and considered your intellectual property. They are stored on our servers. You can export your captures as 3D or share them as videos. More info about sharing and export features can be found on our Learn site:

Deleting Your Account

To delete your account, please go to Settings and press Delete Account. When your account is deleted, we delete all corresponding data, including captures associated with your account and any personal information connected to your Profile. Any data contained in our system backups will be deleted at a later time, according to our backup and retention schedule.

How We Plan to Make Money?

We aim to make money by:

  1. Offering faster, more accessible and cheaper options to a wider community than many of the existing 3D, AR and VR tools on the market focused on high-end professionals, and
  2. Enabling creators to make and monetize valuable new 3D, AR and VR experiences in shared spaces directly with their community.
    Neither of these models require us to sell personal data or acquire data without your knowledge. In fact, we believe building a thriving community of creators and explorers necessitates the opposite - a destination of shared, user-created spaces that creators have full control over.

Your Feedback Matters

Is there more we can do? Let us know at We are a new product and are constantly working to develop new features. User feedback is key to driving the future of our roadmap and company success.

Thank you for your support of so far. We can’t wait to keep exploring together. Team

Anjney Midha
November 19, 2019

Welcome to

It’s been a wild three months.

From graffiti filled streets in Spain to underground bunkers in Sausalito, subway stations in Tokyo to industrial kitchens in Texas, the community has been blowing our minds every morning by capturing, sharing and exploring each others’ spaces from around the world during our early access period.

To learn more about our story of getting to here and where we’re going, keep reading, but if you just want to try it out yourself, head on over to the iOS or Android stores to download and start creating!

What You Can do Today

Capture any space with the device you already own — from as small as a courtyard to entire city blocks
Edit insanely fast — changes you make to your spaces are rendered and saved in real time.
Instantly share your spaces via web links and videos, or freely export them as 3D models
Explore the world and join a community of global explorers in 50 countries

How We Got Here

We started U6 with the mission to unlock new ways for people to create and connect in the physical spaces they care about, such as our PlaySFMOMA space last year.
To create that experience, we captured the SF MOMA’s physical space in 3D using a commodity smartphone, edited and authored it remotely in a web browser, and allowed hundreds of people to browse and experience the sandbox together in real time from their own devices onsite in AR, and remotely via desktop and webVR browsers.

With today’s release, we’re beginning to put those same tools in everybody’s hands, with the goal of building and improving our roadmap in public with our community.

Where We’re Going: Editing Reality Together

Unlocking a new digital canvas for creativity and shared experiences.
Our goal is to grow into a destination where people can create, share and explore together in new, immersive and interactive ways.

We believe the best way to achieve this is by releasing often and publicly, supporting our earliest creators, and constantly increasing access to creative tools only previously available to high end gaming, graphics and 3D professionals. In the coming months, you can expect to see regular updates along this path. is for those of us who see art in reality. If this sounds like something you’re interested in working on, shoot us a note! We’re working on some of the hardest challenges in computer vision, graphics and multiplayer networking and are hiring actively.

-Anjney & Ankit
Co-founders, Ubiquity6

Anjney Midha
November 19, 2019

Welcome to

Creators! Did you know that you can download any of your captures as a 3D model? 

We currently support OBJ, GLTF, and PLY file formats, which make it possible to use captures from in Blender, Cinema4D, Unity, Unreal, Maya, and most other popular creative software applications.

To download the 3D mesh, just open one of your captures in a desktop web browser, and click the download button in the upper-right corner of the screen. You’ll need to be logged in to see it.

If you are on iOS, the easiest way to open your capture in a browser is through AirDrop. You can AirDrop yourself the link to the desired capture by opening the Share Menu and pressing “More.” From there, a new menu will open giving you the option to airdrop the link. 

If you are on Android, we find it is easiest to email yourself the link. Open the Share Menu and press “More.” From there, choose email or whatever the best option is for you.
Once your 3D mesh has downloaded, this is where the magic begins. You now have the opportunity to create phenomenal artwork using captured physical reality. Try challenging the mundane by drawing in the absurd.

Or, experiment with contrasting elements. The opportunities are endless and the boundaries are limitless. Check out what our creators have made with below.
We absolutely love to see what our Creators create using their meshes. In fact, we have an entire Discord channel dedicated to them! You can find this channel here:
We can’t wait for you to join and to see how has inspired you. ✨